Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tag: The Girl Behind The Blog

Ive found a spare half hour in these busy times as found this tag post....sorry to whoevers its from I cant remember! Feel freee to steal it :)

The Girl Behing The Blog...



Name: Hayley Campbell, wish I had a pretty middle name but nooo.
Occupation: "Student" I hate not having a job and passing being a studdent off as an occupation, but it honestly may as well be full time work the way it is right now.

Size guide: Normally an 8 in everything, and a 4 in shoes. I buy the occasional 6 or 10 though, just depends on the item.

My aspirations for the future: To travel loads, then have my dream house, which isnt a mansion by any means, more a victorian town house but with a big garden, a dog and rabbit and three kids. I want to try my hand at teaching, but ultimately I dream of having an amazing bakery with beautiful cakes of all shapes and sizes, also my life will not be complete until I have lived in New York for at least a bit.

Status: "Taken" ha that sounds so wierd to me. Been with David for 2 and half years now, hes a wierdo but so am I so it work.
Favourite films: Sex and the City, Bridget Jones, Love Actually, Shutter Island, Taken, The Beach, Oceans 11, The Notebook, Mean Girls, Clueless, The Lion King, The Hangover, Grease....the list is endless.

Bad habits: I have to fiddle constantly, whether it be clicking the top of a pen or ripping up beer mats into tiny pieces (these are my most common ones), and I flcik the back on and off the remote where the batteries go CONSTANTLY. and they always end up breaking off. Oh and Im really OCD about things being in the right place. Bit of a freak really.

This year I'm looking forward to... Easter drinkssss, the summer, finishing college, starting uni, lanzarote, my 20th birthday, RIHANNAAAA, and all the unexpected unplanned good times to come :)

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