Monday, 7 March 2011

Weekly Summary #5

This week I was meant to be back at college after having a long week off for half term. I honestly didnt step foot in the place all week, due to being completely ill until about Wednesday night. I had a horrible virus which spread to become a chest infection, bloody awful! But Im on the mend now, I just have a left over chesty cough but Ill have to get stuck in back at college to make up for what I missed

My new trainers came this week, and I had intended on going to the gym but my friend's Mam is a nurse and she advised that I just rest for the rest of the week with my bad chest, and I dont take much persuading to be lazy haha. So instead me and David have been going for long walks on the Leas to break in my trainers, and  have to say its actually killing my legs...god Im so unfit! Anyone who isnt from the area, the Leas is a miles long stretch of grassy fields along the seafront on the clifftops in South Shields, its so big so it never gets crowded and just walking along the pathway listening to the sea can be quite calming in its own little way.

So not much to report this week as Ive spent it mostly cooped up in the house, the weather has been pretty good too so Ive been missing out on that!

Not even got a single picture to include from my boring week, so lets hope I have more fun  this week :)



  1. I had to look after my mum all of last week too! Hope you get well soon!
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