Friday, 1 April 2011

March Empties

Ive seen this idea on a few blogs and thought it was a good way to give a true review of a product. After all, if youve used it all up youve had enough experience with it to give a half decent review on it rather than after youve just bought it. So without further ado, heres the products I finished up in March...

Superdrug Eye Make-up Remover. This bottle has lasted me ages, I can remember buying it around November 2009, and thats how long this one bottle of eye make-up remover has lasted, and its really affordable so good value fo rmoney there! IThe product is rather basic though, it does sting if you use quite a bit, but it also does a good jjob at getting every scrap of mascara off. I dont love it but dont hate it, its alright because its cheap.

Ive had this for years, and I mean about 4 years as I got it in a gift set, and its the tiniest pot ever. Ive had it this long mainly because for a few years I didnt really get what I was meant to use it for, its not a face cream, and its in too small of a pto for me to beleive it was a body lotion. So for ageas I jsut used it on my elbows and knees and any really dry patches, but its not really thick enough for that either. So basically this is just the same as the Vitamin E Body Lotion, but in tiny amounts. Weird, but its still nice, but just buy the big bottle of body lotion instead, its probably much better value for money.

I must say I only really bought this because it was pink and it smells nice. The smell is so refreshing and lovely, but the product inside is pretty average. I have to say it didnt really blow me away. I used it all up because I hate waste, but I probably wont buy this again. It works ok to cleanse the face but its really thick so takes some effort spreading it around. Its a half way house between an exfoliator and a cleanser, so it doesnt really specialise in either. Its ok, but nothing special.

I got this shampoo with the S&G "Big Pink" box. I did a review on it here if you want a detailed explanation of it. I wont ramble on saying as Ive already posted about it, but lets jsut say Soap and Glorys speciality certainly isnt their shampoo! I just used it up because I didnt want to waste it.

I cant count how many of these little Flake Away tubs Ive gone through. It used to be my favourite body scrub until I discovered The Breakfast Scrub. I find Flake Away leaves an oily kind of sheen afterwards, so I have to used shower gel after it, which is ok, but Thje Breakfast Scrub is jsut miles better. Im keeping this little tub for when I go on holiday, I intend to scoop some of The Breakfast Scrub out of the big tub and put it in here for my travels :) Ive got literally buckets full of Flake Away to get through too.

A bit random, but I used to be obsessed with Impulse body sprays. I think its because they were convenient to freshen up in school, after lessons or P.E or something, but I just dont seem to carry them with me as much now. I found this one lying in a drawer last week and used it up within a few days. Tease is one of my favourites on their scents, along with Temptaion and Goddess. I think I might start using them more again. This one is described as a blend of pineapple and exotic wood. Hmm..not sure like, but whatever it is it smells yummy :)

Do you think I should do these posts all the time?



  1. ooo i love the superdrug eye makeup remover and the flake off!! xox

  2. You should do more of these posts :)

  3. definately do more of these posts please :)
    nicola xx