Thursday, 28 April 2011

April Favourites

This is possibly the most products Ive ever had in a favourites post, I try to narrow it down. But this monh these products really have stood out to me and Ive been using them a lot. Im gonig to do proper reviews on some of them soon, but heres what Ive been loving through April...

Avon Angled Brush
This is the softest brush I own, its gorgeous. Its great for applyng blush, but especially useful for contouring with bronzer, I've used it everyday since I bought it.

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter
My favourite body butter. I love this for before I apply my fake tan, it smells great, sinks in nicely and leaves you feeling moisturised not greasy. Its got a lovely texture to it its not too thick but not too runny, just perfect.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15
This is the perfect colour for my skin right now, it dries pretty quickly and is really buildable for nights out. It covers all my imperfections but still looks natural looking on the skin if you apply it sparingly. Just one pump does my enitre face and neck with ease so its going to last me ages. I couldnt be wthout this now.

Cherry Carmex Lip Balm
I thought I had lsot this but found it in a bag a few weeks ago. I forgot how amazing this is, its not too thick on your lips, just does the job of healing any chapped parts and really moisturises. It deserves its fantastic reputation.

V05 Weightless Volume Whipped Mousse
This was my holy grail hair mouse for years but I ran out in October and only just got round th getting a new one. I dont know what I did without this, it really does what it says on the tin, its totally weightleess but still gives plenty of lift, volume, and hold. My hair jsut feels rubbish witohut using this now.

Aussie Aussome Volune Shampoo and Conditioner
Ive noticed a real difference in my hair since I started using these. My hair lasts longer between washes without getting greasy, and it actually is more volumised when I wash it. Also the smell is amazing and lasts nicely in my hair for a day or so after its washed, I catcha whiff of it walking down the street now and againa nd it makes me feel lovely and fresh.

Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub
Just wow! I cant remember if Ive done a review on this or not but  will if I havent. This is a million times better than Flake Away (no greasy resiue leftover!). It has the best smell ever, like something you just wanna eat for breakfast, like maple syrup. Honestly the yummiest smell EVER! Its my holy grail scrub and it works well with my false tan too. Its just beyond amazing!

So thats my favourite products this moth, hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Fantastic faves! You've reminded me I need to do one of these. :)

  2. i love carmex too especially since they brought them out in tubes! my fave is the mint :) xx

  3. Cherry Carmex is my fave lip balm! I always have a tube in my handbag :}
    I think I'm gonna try out Studio Fix Fluid, thanks for this post!