Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Training My Hair

Currently my hair needs washed every single day. Yes this means every morningI wash and blowdry my hair. Im aware that blowdrying everyday isnt really doing it any good, as well as I really cant be bothered to go through all of that every morning anymore.

So, Im on a mission to train my hair. I know Im going to look like a greaseball some days but in the end itll be worth it. Im now washing it every other day. Right now on those in between days my hair is so horrendous, only helped slightly by a sneaky bit of dry shampoo. Sometimes Ive been leaving it two days to give it a little longer if Ive been feeling brave

Ive only been doing this for around 10 days now, and just want to ask if any of you have any tips if youve maybe had to go through this too...How long did it take? What did you do on your awful greasy days?

Snaps for my perserverance to get healthier hair and to using less shampoo!


  1. I did this when I was revising last year and wasn't leaving the house unless it was to visit the library! Dry shampoo works wonders as does not using straightners :)

  2. I also did this during my exam period, as I had no where to be other than home and studying! I eventually started letting my hair go maybe 3 or 4 days, and now it hardly ever gets greasy! I agree, if you straighten your hair it gets much greasier faster. I tend to just use dry shampoo and wear my hair on the top of my head!!