Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Graze Boxes! & Free goodies for you!

I recently heard about a comany called graze which is basically a snakc delivery company. They deliver to where ever you want as often as you want, and provide healthy snacks for you to try.

You can make an account on their website and rate the snack types on five ratings "bin, try, like, love, and send soon" this can help tailor your boxes to the kind of foods you like. For instance, I ruled out all foods with olives in to the "bin" section as I HATE olives. Ive just recieved my second box and so far Im really liking graze.

I love how kind to the environment they are, and I jsut love the whole ethos of the company, as well as the food they send allowing me to try new things and eat a little healthier.

In my first box i loved my flapjack and the dried apple and cranberries, and hated the olive bread and the firecrackers which were way too hot!

(Sorry I deleted photos by accident)

Ive just got my second box today and because I went back onto the graze site and tailored my tastes a little more, this box came with stuff that all looks really nice, lots of dried fruits and nuts and stuff that I think I'll like. I also love that even though you tell graze what you would like they suprise you with each box with what youre gunna get,I love you graze! Heres what I got today...

Ive been given 3 codes in my box to give away to friends that they can enter into the site to get a FREE graze box, if any of you are interested just leave me a comment below and I can email you one of my codes, but its first come first served and I only have 3 so far, so be quick :)



  1. I'd love to try it out! :)


  2. it actually looks really nice for being healthy lol, would love to try :)


    Laura x

  3. I would, but they don't deliver to the US! :(

  4. would love to try! Love_hearts2k@hotmail.com

  5. i don t think that they will deliver to canada , nice blog , i m following you .