Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekly Summary #7

It feels like ages since I did a weekly summary post, I just feel as though nothing has been interesting enough to even write down never mind publish.

My life right now is essays essay s and more essays. I currently have 18 essays to write and 6 weeks to do them in, bearing in mind each essay averages at about 5 pages long. I cant really complain because its my own fault for leaving them until last minute but Im really stressing out now!

So yeh thats basically all Ive been doing recently, but as a treat David bought me a few items from a blogsale I had my eye one, and we had a little trip out to the Metrocentre on Thursday for mothers day presents. Which ended in more MAC treats :) He said it was for working hard haha bless him

I knowwww Im on  a makeup buying ban for lent...but it doesnt count if its a gift right?  :) So I'll be showing you them very soon!

I spontaniously went out on Friday night, and it was nice to see my girls, but it ended in tears over boy for some of my friends, so we all went home pretty early and I was asleep by half 1, which is never a sign of a good night out, never mind!

Spent sunday with the family having a lovely dinner out for Mothers Day and then went to see my grandma for tea and cakes :) Lovely.

P.S Its nearly easter :) Which means chocolate, new clothes and a trip to whitehouse farm to feed the lambs!



  1. How cute are those little lambs!! You look gorgeous Hayles- hope you enjoyed the night before it was cut short. Best of luck for all the essays, hope you're not too stressed xxx

  2. Aw thanks :) yeh it was good before all the drama haha xx

  3. *Shudders at the thought of essays* I feel for you hope you can give yourself a nice big treat when you have finished them x