Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Haul: Boots and New Look

As today was so sunny I decided to talk a wander into town (my legs are killing). As usual I couldnt help myself in the shops. But I had been given some Easter money off famly to buy some Easter clothes, and I needed some neccessities so heres what I got:

I visited Boots first to make sure I got the things I was in need of before wasting it on other stuff, I was a good girl and avoided the make-up counters at all costs....

As you can see I stocked up haha, Ive never used Boots' own cleansing wipes before, but saying as they were on offer I thought I would give them a go, I only use them for fixing my makeup (mascara marks etc) so I guess they cant do much harm.

I like to just shove my hair up in the warmer weather out of the way, and it came to my attention the other day when I went to do so and I had one hair bobble left and of course all of my hair grips have ran away, so some more were needed.

At the minute Im using David's Mam's Tresseme for thick frizzy hair. This is not doing anything good for my thin flat hair so I invested in the Aussome Volume set from Aussie. Ive never used them but heard great things about Aussie so I thought I would give them a go :)

The VO5 Volume Mousse is my Holy Grail hair mousse. I ran out of it a few month ago and Ive jsut been using TIGI Bedhead Superstar Queen For A Day Spray instead, but I really prefer the combination of this with a bit of TIGI Superstar Blowdry Lotion. Cant wait to get my old hair routine back!

I took a ander over to New Look and picked up these few summer essentials...

I really like aviator shades but my head is comically small and can make big sunglasses look ridiculous on me.  tried these on and they are just right for me, they still look fairly oversized, but in a good way, looooove them and their pricetag of only £2.99.

Ive seen these a few times on trips into New Look and have wanted them each time. I know its a good item if I see it a few times and still want it just as much each time, so this convinced me to get these. New Look shoes always seem good quality for the price as these were only £15. Theyre more corally in real life and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of them over summer.

It was actually impossible for me to get a good shot of these shorts, Ill have to do an OOTD to do them justice. These were such a nuaghty impulse buy for me as I just seen them and took them straight to pay for them. I didnt try them on or anything but luckily when I got them home they look good. Theyre so soft and light for summer and I can match them with anything. I originally wanted to get them in the more burnt orangey colour but Iim really glad I got these instead as they suit my skin (when its St Moriz'd) and will go with more things. Loveeee them :)

Quite a successful trip into town me thinks!


  1. I bought those sunglasses the other day :)

  2. Love the sunglasses!

    I've tried the wipes, not a fan as they smell strange.