Monday, 4 April 2011

The Miracle in a Cup

Its a well known fact amongst my family that  have an obsession with green tea, they all think Im mad but theres method in my madness.

Not only does it taste yummy (with honey and sugar), its becomnig more and more well known that green tea carries a lot of benefits for your body. Ive weened myself onto it, as I used to be a heavy tea drinker anyway, and I have boxes of the stuff in all of the houses in my family, at my grandparents, my aunties, and parents etc. I usually use PG's version that looks like this...

There are also versions that have a hint of lemon which are also really nice and flavoursome.

Theres been so many investigations into why its so good and here a basic list of the things its said to do:

- Contains antioxidants to prevent strokes and heart disease.
- Burns fat and helps you exercise longer (favoured by athletes)
- Prolongs life
- Prevents and treats cancer
- Boosts concentration
- Relieves stress and tension headaches
- Prevents depression
- Helps speed up recovery from strokes and heart attacks
- Keeps the hearet and arteries healthy into old age
-  Reduces high blood pressure
- Prevents diabetes
- Prevents arthritis and thrombosis
- Treats and prevents acne
- Protects lungs from smoking
- Protects liver from alcohol (thanks green tea!)
- Prevents tooth decay
- Cures bad breath
- Boosts the immune system to fight colds
- Gives stronger bones
- It is more hydrating than pure water

Thumbs up for my dedication to typing all that out haha. Now Im not so niave to think that it would do all these things for everyone, as then everyone would be drinking it like water and we would be all superhuman. I also dont think you would see all these benefits at all from having the odd cup, I think youve really gotta dedicate yourself to it.

Im willing to do it if long term its going to make me healthier and happier (less stress! :) ) and so far I already feel better for drinknig it all the time. I have anything from 2 to 5 cups a day and I thinkits yummy so why not :)

Sorry about my little green tea rave there, I just think everyone should give it a go.

Happy tea drinking everyone :)


  1. I think you've definitely convinced me I need to start drinking green tea!

  2. I have gone off milk since the start of the year and I have switched to fruity teas, green tea and cammomile tea... They are gorgeous!! :o) I know why you love it so much :o)