Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Haul: MAC & Bourjois!

So my lovely neighbourhood posty delivered my goodies from Laura's blogsale. Its the first time Ive bought from a blogsale as Im always concerned about how used the product will be and whether itll be al bashed about and stuff (Im a clean/neat freak and I like my packaging to be shiny and beautiful :)

But I read Laura's blog religiously and trust her so I went ahead and bought a few things Ive wanted for ages.

I bought the Bourjois bronzer and a MAC MSF in Petticoat. I pounced at the chance to buy the MSF because its limited edition and its GORGEOUS! Ive wanted the bronzer for ages too but never really got round to buying it so when I seen it there at a teensy price and in fab condition I snapped it up :)

They came beautifully packaged with pink tissue paper and stickers with a really cute note...how cute is that cupcake!

I love MAC MSF's and this one is no exception, it looks like is raspberry ripple icecream was turned into an MSF, with beautiful gold bits thrown in, then that would be Petticoat. It will make a gorgeous pinky highlight over my blush and I cant wait to use it all the time. Plus its a great substitute for my favourite MSF By Candlelight as theyre both Limited Edition so by switching between the two hopefully theyll both last me ages :)

The Bourjois bronzer literally does smell amazing like everyone says. Its kind of chocolately but not quite, jsut a gorgeous scent. It looks like theres some slight gold shimmer in the pan but it doesnt pay off on the skin which is good :). Its also an amazing smooth silky texture, it feels and looks high end and I love it already!

Here are some swatches, apologies for the state that is my camera!! I jsut know Im going to be using these a lot, especially Petticoat, and the bronzer will be gorgeous in the summer with a bit of a tan :) I swatched them both really heavily, the bronzer is actually very easy to work with as it doesnt go on too heavily so its not as easy as others to make huge bronzer mistakes! Its not orange like it looks in the picture and gives a lovely nautral tan. Petticoat is a gorgeous highlight with pinky tones and what can I say its just lovely.

Hope you're all well



  1. petticoat looks lovely :) x

  2. the bourjois bronzer is nice , nice post , i'm following you .

  3. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you could give me some of your opinions on mine i would really appreciate it!



  4. Aww I'm so glad everything arrived okay hun :D Glad you like them xxxx