Friday, 1 April 2011

Five Good Things For Friday

- Ive jsut found my Girls Aloud Greatest Hits CD, and have happily uploaded in to my ipod and currently listening to No Good Advice on full volume. I will shamelessly admit I completely love Girls Aloud. Especially wor Chezza ;) I want their costumes from the Cant Speak French video, still love them.

- I really fancy a decent night out tonight, should I or shouldnt I? My iPod gets me far too hyped up to dance and drink too many cocktails haha. From heeeeeeeeeere on oooout I'll be your commandeeeeerrrrrrr! Jesus im ridiculous.

- David is at Newcastle Races today, lets hope he wins a huge wad of cash, and then it definately will be party time tonight :)

- My new MAC items are AMAZING. I look like such a freak cos I keep checking my foundation in mirrors to see how long its lasting, and its not budging at all, love you Studio Fix Fluid!

- Its my favourite cousins birthday (I know you cant have favourites but shh). Shes 14 today, its so mad feels like yesterday she was starting Nursery never mind choosing her GCSE options. Its awesome because theres a huge age gap betweem me and all my family. My older cousins are 25 and my younger ones are 14. Shes starting to be a proper little grown up now so were like best friends again like we used to be when we were younger. Happy Birthday Megan :)


  1. Lovely post i love girls aloud too! The pic of you and your cousin is gorgeous xxx

  2. I love that album cover!
    Also love your blog the photos are so cute! :)