Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Haul: Recent Purchases

Firstly by the title of this post you ill guess that I have indeed broke my mae-up buying ban for lent. But some of these came just before Lent and apart from that you will see I havnt really got THAT much.

When I go out and buy just one or to random products I sometimes feel as though a haul type post may be a bit of a waste, so I've waited a few weeks and here they are together, the few things Ive bought recently...

Avon Angled Brush: I havent used this yet but the bristles feel really soft and it looks great for contouring, I didnt have an angled brush like this so felt it as a good investment while they were on sales for only £3...bargain!

Barry M Nail Paints: Dusky Mauve was a bit of a disappointment for me, it looks beautiful in the bottle really purpley with irridecence, however after a few coats its much more grey, with only a slight hint of mauve and you can barely see the sparkle. Its still a nice colour, just nothing like I was expecting. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of it on, its a bit chipped now so I tohugh it best to leave it.
Strawberry Icecream looks like a lovely baby pink summery colour. I havent tried it out yet but I just think it'll be alovely pastel shade for springtime, plus its an excuse for me to break away from my darks and nudes that Ive been glued to all winter.

Johnsons Daily Essentials Cleansing Wipes: Im nearly finished these now, I go through wipe slike theres no tomorrow. Hoever I really dont like these. They claim to be good at getting off waterporoof mascara, and theyre just not at all. They sting my eyes and leve an awful greasy residue all over my face. I wont be buying them again, but you win some you lose some.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner in Sippin and Dippin: Ive had a bit of a love/hate relationship since I got this. Id heard comparisons of these to MAC paintpots, and since I love those I thought I would give this a go. Firstly, on me this jsut isnt creaseless at all. Ive worn it alone, or with shadow and either way it still creases rather a lot, which I find anoying considering its name! However it is a lovely colour, and its ok if I wear a base underneath, but I think Ill be sticking to MAC's paintpots ahead of these from now on. Although I must say Benefit's colour selection is much better than MACs for these products.



  1. Avon brushes are good!!I have a couple and they are soft ,working fine!!Dausky mauve dissapointed me too!grey,brown,purple??not for me!!