Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Disappointing Products...#2

I totally forgot about this series, and I included loads of products in the first one, but Im jsut going to do a few products at a time because I honestly dont buy many crappy products, so I need to space these out a bit to make the series worthwhile, heres two for today...

Maybelliene Colour Sensational Lipstick in Mystic Mauve
   Now, I partly blame myself for this. I bought this product from Frangrance Direct for around £2. I know this site often has end pof line products and stuff and that is why they can sell them so cheap, so theres always the chance it could be slightly old...and I think I may have got a duff one with this.

   Im not saying for a second all the Maybelliene Lipsticks are like this, as frankly nobody would EVER in their right mind try this and buy this. The colour itself is quite nice, right up my street. But this is clearly out of date, which could be something to think about, as Ive had other lipsticks for YEARS and theyre still fine.

   This smells horrific, really bad and strong as soon as you take off the lid, like a mixture of old ladies and chemicals, yuk! It is also practically impossible to apply, its gone totally hard, and actually hurts to try and get any colour pay off, even on the back of my hand. It kind f crumbles too, which combined with the smell is what makes me believe its way past its expiry date. Im not holding this against Maybelline at all, but it has made me think twice before buying lipsticks from sites such as CheapSmells or Frangrance Direct as they clearly go off quicker than other beauty products. I hate this so much  binned it after taking the photo.

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Healthy Glow

This has jsut been rubbish from the first day I had it. The pigmentation on the light shadow is just non existant. It is hard and shiny and its practically impossble to get any product from it, and what you can get from it is just practically invisible. The brown shade isnt as bad, but I never find myself reaching for it when I have much better quality neutral shades from MAC and ELF. I tried to take photos of swatches but theyre so weakly pigmented it really wasnt even showing up on camera. I have had a few eyeshadows from Avon and Ive hated them all for their lack of pigmentation so I wont be buying any more, although I do completely love some of their other products.


  1. thanks for sharing , nice review.

  2. Fantastic post! I love posts like these. :)

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