Saturday, 2 April 2011

Tag: Lipstick

As you can probably tell, I enjoy doing tag posts. I found this lipstick on at vintage makeup and thought I could try it myself...

1. When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?
Nope, I wasnt a particularly girly child really, although I liked to play around with her make-up bag seeing what the colours were and stuff I never really wanted to put them on.
2. How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?
I think I was about 14 and got it from my auntie's Avon catalogue, I still have it now and still really love it, Its bright fuschia pink as well which I think is quite brave of me at that age.

3. Pink or red lipstick?
Pink, red is too hard for me to pull off.

4. The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?
£13.50...MAC lipsticks.
5. And the cheapest?
99p from Fragrance Direct

6. What's the most bizarre thing you have ever done with a lipstick?
Ive drawn with them before, when I was little and had no regard for make-up, my mam wasnt happy.

7. If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
MAC definately, such a good colour range and they never let me down :)