Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Review: S&G Scrub Your Nose In It

Hi all! Feels like ages since I wrote anything on here, and theres really not a good excuse. But I dont feel as though one needs to explain why they have a break from their hobby, I feel as though a break now and then is good and it refreshes my mind and hen I start blogging again I remember why I love it :) Also my camera is lost (i know Little Miss Clumsy) so for today theres not any of my on photos.

So, I was in the bath this morning using this particular product and decided its about time I reviewed this. I dont review enough products, only if I really love ti or hate it, and on this occassion I LOVE this!

Soap and Glory always in my over ith their lovely packaging, funny product names and distinctive scents, many of their products are my holy grail scrubs, body butters, shower gels etc etc. I thought Scrub Your Nose In It looked pretty but as'nt sure about ho effective it would be.

Firstly I just want to say I really love multipurpose products like this. Its a face scrub, but can also be used as a really good clay face mask, or really anywhere in between. Most times when I use this I tend to smooth this onto my face and leave it for a few minutes beforfe scrubing it in and washing it off, then you kind of get the face mask and the scrub in one.

Its not something I would recommend for sensitive skin though, although the grains in it are small theyre still rather abrasive, which personally I love but I kno many dont. It smells fresh like a lot of other face masks, and nothing like the typical S&G smell. Its really tingly, and some might say it stings a bit when its left on as a face mask, but my skin is reall resilient so it just fells like its really getting a good deep clean. It leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh which is of course my main aim from using it.

Its also not too expensive at around £5 for 125ml, which I think is reasonable considering it does a much better job (and serves two purposes) in comparison to others of a similar price.

Its honestly the best face scrub Ive ever came across and Ill continue to repurchase again and again :) LOVE it!


  1. I got this in my big bag set but I cant decide if I like it or not. I keep using it then putting it away.. then trying it again. I really cant make my mind up! lol x