Sunday, 10 April 2011

Weekly Summary #8

- I know youre probably bored of hearing me blabber on about college, but right now its a big part of my life. This week I really feel like Ive actually been getting somewhere and have ticked a lot of assignments off my to do list, rather proud of myself actually :)

- Typical of me I see my Graze box of healthy goodies and pick up the giant bag of Milkyway Magic Stars beside it and basically swallow its contents whole. I'll never achieve a healthy lifestyle, I like junk food to much.

- Friday night ended up consisting of rather expensive cocktails in Floritas, cosmopolitans with freshly squeezed craberries, YUM...

-...Then on to Dirty Pop which i so amazing when youre rather drunk, or by any means are a completely hyper person sober. Highlghts included Alright - Supergrass, You and Me - The Wannadees, Never Forget - Take That, and to finish off Your Song- Elton John. Yes, this place is fantastic haha, and theres a bouncy castle! We were ridiculously drunk and ended up in group hugs for half of songs, wierd. Im going to do a FOTD from this night if youre interested.

Before Cosmopolitans

After...Me and my favourites thinking we're Ali G, just NO!

- My weekend has been rather chilled, sitting in the sun reading Heat and other mindless magazines anddrinking way too much Ribena. Today is sunday so my usualy Sunday ritual will consist of reading up on blogs, a nice long bath, then off to Mamas for Sunday dinner and a nice rest in the garden then off to visit Grandma for tea and homemade cakes in the conservatory, cos shes cute like that

Hope you've all had a lovely week and enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday


  1. I love Dirtypop! I've never been on the bouncy castle yet! Sounds like you've had a good week :) xx

  2. im with you on the whole 'junk food' much as i want to eat healthier and tone up for summer, if i have the choice between a piece of fruit or a chocolate bar, chocolate comes first.. :/
    nicola xx

  3. I'm also with you on the "junk food" bit!