Thursday, 28 April 2011

Haul: Miss Selfridge/ OOTE: Good Friday

A bit of a late post, but bettr late than never!

This post is essentially about the same dress so I thought I could just roll it into one. About a week ago I needed a new dress for Good Friday. Where I live Good Friday is the biggest night out of the year, so one wants to look their best right? I found this dress at Miss Selfridge and had to have it...

Its bodycon but its made so theres room for hips, which is good for those that have them, but I dont so these kind of gaped on me but it was unnoticable if I pulled the dress down a bit, and in the darkness of the clubs nobody wouldsee anyway. This was £32 and I love it, and cant wait to wear it again. I especially love that its not just a palin vest dress, the wavy detailing on it is really interesting and different to most other dresses in the shops and its right up my street.

Heres what it looked like on the night, I didnt get a proper picture of it but you can see from these how it looked...
I wore it with some black heels and a black bag, pretty boring I know but I thought I would let the dress speak for itself.

I also got my eye on these bangles in the sale at Miss Selfridge for £3, bargain! Theyrre all interlinked so they dont come apart which is great, theyre so nice and I can see myself wearing them a lot.

Just a short post, hope you liked it and had a lovely Good Friday yourself

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