Friday, 29 April 2011

Five Good Things For Friday

Five1. How could I not have todays Royal Wedding in this post. I couldnt help but shed a tear when William told Kate "You look beautiful". I loved the dress, and everything about the day, it makes me incredibly proud to be English! Shes my new idol, and I think every girl in the country wants to be a princess now, Harry watch your back!

2. I placed an order with ELF earlier today for some products Ive been lusting after for a while, and with it being the Royal Wedding I got a free red nail polish and free postage by entering "KATESUK". Something in it for all of us!

3. My next door neighbour just got the most gorgeous puppies Ive ever seen, and I think David's mam wants one too so that means Ill be living with a gorgeous bundle of fluff! Im defiantly going to keep suggesting the idea to keep it in her mind gorgeous?!

4. The holidays are nearly over! I know this sounds crazy, but all I can think about is that I have so much college work to finish, and I can jsut never concentrate when I have time off, so I just need to get back into a routine for the next four weeks, finish my course and then Im freeeeee until Uni starts!

5. Ive came to realise how much I rely on my green tea. I ran out of teabags for about a week and actually noticed a big difference, in my skin, my hair and also how bloated I would feel after meals. Its made me love it even more because I know its doing me some good :)


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