Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My Thoughts on Soap and Glory Shampoo

I got the Glad Hair Day Ultra Shine Daily Shampoo in the huge pink giftbox by Soap and Glory for Christmas. I ran out of my usual shampoo (Pantene's Aqua Light) around 3 weeks ago, and I had this conveniently sat there untouched and looking all pretty in its little Soap and Glory way. Ive been using this shampoo ever since, but dont let that fool you! Heres what it claims to do...

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day ultra shine daily shampoo aims to gloss, smooth, repair and strengthen.
Contains raspberry fruit vinegar, panthenol, glycerin and phytantriol, suitable for all hair types and has a no build up fomula

The Clean Hair Act:
Rub a small handful of Glad Hair Day Shampoo onto wet hair and massage with your fingertips to work up a lather and release key ingredients. Rinse. (If you’ve got really greasy hair, feel free to repeat.)

So I followed what it said, hoping for good shiny results. But in all honesty, I really just dont like this shampoo, and Ive never really been too picky with shampoo. Firstly, I wouldnt say this has a no build up formula. Even when I dry my hair afterwards it straight away feels weighed down and full of product, and Ive made sure to rinse it out properly. After three whole weeks of using it on my hair most days, each day gives the same result. My hair is pulled down flat to my head with no volme, and a wierd texture, which might I add isnt shiny or smooth in the slightest.

Also I feel you need to use a lot of product to actually wash your hair fully. The product seems quite thick to me, like it wont spread much over my full head if that makes sense. So if I put my hand of shampoo on the top of my head, it was taking a lot of effort to get it down to the nape of my neck and such like. So Ive taken to just using lots of the product, almost a small handful, to make sure I get to everywhere! I might even use the bottle up quicker this way, as Im not one to waste things.

This may be better for those with thicker hair, as I do have quite thin hair, but it definately isnt for all hair types as it claims to be, and just generally doesnt leave your hair feeling clean in the way you would want it to.

This isnt an attack at Soap and Glory, you cant be good at everything! I pretty much adore the rest of their products that Ive tried, I just wouldnt recommend this shampoo.

Sorry for the rant girls!

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  1. I got that gift set too and for some reason I've been putting off using it! I just cant get my head around S&G doing haircare products! I will give it a go at some point though and let you know my thoughts! I'll probably do a post on it!

    Leanne. x