Friday, 4 February 2011

Make Up Storage

Yesterday I rearranged my make-up storage, and I just thought I could show you guys how it turned out...

Drawer 1: Nail polishes, lip products, blushers, foundations, and a few palettes at the back, alogn with the brushes I would use for the products in here.

Drawer 2: Mascaras, liners and shadows, eyeshadow palettes, false eyelashes, and my most used products,wipes toner, eye make up remover etc.

The wooden boxes are from Ikea, and came in sets of 3, I bought two sets which came t0 £12. They have lids, but they get in the way o I keep them underneath each ones box.

Small set of drawers: Lush stuff in box on top, and scented candles.
Top Drawer: Fake tan, exfoliating stuff
Second Drawer: Perfumes
Third Drawer: Body creams and random sprays etc
Bottom Drawer: Tablets, medicationof all kinds, nothing special.

This set of drawers is from ASDA for around £5 I think.

Any questions or requests, just leave a comment :)



  1. Thanks for sharing, very organized! xx

  2. Those candles are hugggeeeee! xox

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  4. Wow you're so organised!
    My beauty products are all thrown in a drawer...x

  5. Ooh I love seeing these kinds of posts! You're make up is very organised!

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