Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Theres Nothing Worse Than...

- Being outbid on a bargainous £3.50 Topshop dress on ebay, right at the end!

- Seeing someone in a club who you hated years ago, and it all kicks off again, arguments, the lot.

- College presentations, ergh!

- Finding a must have item on miss selfridges website, it becoming sold out within 2 days of it appearing in the "new in" section, and now it being completely gone all together, not a trace that it was ever even in existance, actually gutted.

- Going to do a bit of stocking up on the lush website and finding its down becuase of hackers ruining all of our lush online goodness. Evil.

Sorry for the rant, you girls understand how frustrating some of these small problems can be sometimes.


  1. haha aw this made me laugh,i definatley feel your pain on the being outbid on ebay,its a horrible feeling


  2. I hear ya sister! I hate ebay bidding wars almost as much as real life wars with people i hated years ago! xx

  3. i can also relate to the ebay thing. so frustrating. x