Friday, 4 February 2011

Paul and Joe Cosmetics

If all make up had packaging as beautiful as this, dressing tables everywhere would look utterly fabulous. I have to admit, I havnt got a clue whether the products inside these bottles are any good...but once my project is over I think I will have to be  investing in a few of their beauties. These few in particular...

Image 1 of Paul & Joe Limited Edition Spring Creation Lipstick
Ltd Edition Spring Creation Lipstick.
All of these shades look gorgeous, but this one in particular, "Afternoon Delight" looks gorgeous...especially the patterns cut on on the sude of the lipstick.

Image 1 of Paul & Joe Nail Enamel Remover
Nail Enamel Remover
I know this isnt anything special, but I love the bottle, and I'd be proud to display nal polish remover on a dressing table in this! I'd even refill it once I ran out.

Image 1 of Paul & Joe ASOS Online Exclusive Limited Edition Face Colour
Ltd Edition Face Colour
I love the lok of these powders, like two in one, a highlighter and a blusher. I'd love to try this out.



  1. Love the lipstick!
    Claudia xxx

  2. Such pretty packaging.
    Harriet xxx

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