Friday, 18 February 2011

Five Good Things For Friday

- Nothing better than belting out a good old Beyonce tune. To the left! To the left! :) My favourite ever, every time I hear Irreplaceable it takes me back to when David took me to see her as a suprise, when she sang this song I was belting it out with the rest of the crowd whilst crying my little eyes out haha I love her too much its a joke! I was searching for a picture of her and came across this one, I actually "Awwwwed" out loud, they should rule the world.


- Rediscovering long lost cosmetics, Eyekos Posh Polish has made a fantastic return to my fingertips, I had forgotten how much I love this polish.

- Half term at college has finally arrived. A little break from endless coursework assignments is just what the doctor ordered.

- I cant believe I havnt put this on here sooner, because I actually shed a tear or happiness when I found out. Me and my friend Stacey are now proud owners of 2 standing tickets to see RIHANNA. My Dad got us them out the blue, I really was never expecting it, and now I just cant wait for November haha!


- Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler's new film Just Go With It is so good. Just  fantastic comedy chick flick, I really would happily marry Adam Sandler, I know I have a strange taste in men, but give me a goofy and sweet man like him anyday over the all dark and handsome bad boy. Hes lovely, and Jennifer Aniston still got it ;).


  1. I can't wait to see "Just Go With It"!
    Have great weekend!
    Tamera xo

  2. Off topic - your blog's really lovely. Glad I found it :)