Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Nail Polish Collection

I was just sorting through my nail polishes last night and just got round to taking some photos to show you the colours I have. Its not like I have a huge collection or anything but here we go with loads of photos!

Boots 17:
Lasting Fix in Fairy Cake and Fast Finish in Pink Lemonade
Such cute names!

OPI Burlesque Mini Teasers.
I got these for Christmas and It didnt have the names on, but I do know the second from left is Allies Big Break and its amazing!

Lasting Finish in Funky Diva and 60 Seconds in Funtime Fuschia

I got these in a random french manicure set, the rest of the set has long since disappeared, but these are just in "Clear" and "Pink". I actually really like them.

ASDA George:
These are only £1 each! Okay quality for trying new colours, last a few days :)
Princess Pink, Hot Pink and Superhero

Lilac Polish, Nude Polish, and Posh Polish

I use both of these each time I do my nails.
No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat, and Avon Exfoliating Manicure.
The Avon exfoliant really sorts out your cuticles in prep for painting your nails, love it!

ELF in Party Purple and Nails Inc. in Hampstead Heath

Nailwear Pro in Ruby Slippers and Romance, Speed Dry in Decadance and Coral Sands

Barry M:
Grey, Navy, Cyant Blue, Racing Green, Raspberry and Mushroom

Thats pretty much it for now at least! My nail polish collection is constantly expanding though so this could look rather different in a few months time.

Which ones do you think I should invest in? :)



  1. MUA polishes from Superdrug! They're only a pound, and with most of them you only need one coat for a gorgeous look :)

  2. Wow! That's a huge variety! I'm so boring when it comes to nail polish...I only buy neutral tones ;( I should venture out more.
    Tamera xo

  3. So many, I love it! I just recently stopped biting my nails, so I can't wait to start a collection, as well xx

  4. I like your collection, especially the Barry M ones!!