Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What I Would Tell My Younger Self

I recently found this post at mythology20 and loved the idea of it. Basically what it says on the tin, things I would tell my younger self if I could go back in time and do so. This could get a little deep without me intended it to, but lets see where this goes.

- Don't listen to people saying you need to see a shrink because you hate your A Levels, just don't worry about it, you'll start a course next year that you love and enjoy and could take you to good places. Spending this whole year in ridiculous hibernation wont help anything.

- You love your Mam, and she loves you. God knows there have been some horrific times, which shouldnt and wont be put on the internet, but one day itll all be ok, and you can be friends again like you were when you were little.

- Your Dad doesnt mean to hold you back, he's jsut protective of his little girl, just go along with it for a while and he'll get over it when youre a bit older.

- Dont be shy to show your family how much you love them, because one day they can be taken away from you in a flash, and youll wonder if they knew you really cared.

- Some people wont like you, and thats ok, theyre not worth your thoughts or worries.

- Go with your gut instinct, if it feels wrong it probably is.

- Break up with Thomas after 4 months when you know you want to, dont drag it out to 9 months because youre scared to hurt him, it only makes things worse.

- Dont moan about those camping holidays when youre 14, youll look back and miss it.

- Dont call in sick to work on Christmas Eve, it costs you your job! Even though youve got conjunctivitis, just put up with it.

- Sometimes you have to do things you dont want to do, but just get on with it and its never as bad as you thought it might be.

- Dont have them sunbeds two days in a row before prom, you get really bad prickly heat and it hurts to even lie in bed. In fact, never have a sun bed and be pale for prom, because you end up pale anyway!

- Go see your Dad more, he could do with a hug.

I could go on and on and on, but Im sure that would be very boring to read! Also I could probably get upset and end up getting way too in depth on certain subjects, which is probably inappropriate for a light hearted beauty blog! Thanks for reading if you got this far!



  1. Lovely post hun! Think i might do one as well if u dont mind! Hope you having a good week xx

  2. This is such a cute idea. Wish i could have a word with my younger self as well!

    I lolled at the sunbed one...sorry! xx

  3. This was lovely to read Hayley :) xx

  4. Cute idea, love it. Plus love the post below! Hope you visit back :)

  5. stumbled upon your blog. love is post. we have the same paris girl photo on our blogs, good taste miss :)

  6. this is a great post!! it's thought provoking but interesting. :)

  7. this is so inspirational! i love it! :) xoxo hannah