Monday, 21 February 2011

Weekly Summary #3

I have to admit, Ive got into a habit of adding notes to a weekly summary draft throughout my week, but this week it totally slipped my mind, and its only the third week!

- Im sure I added this to my five good things for friday post, but I have tickets for Rihanna in November!! I know its so long away but Im so excited already. I was just talking to my friend on Facebook while we were both watching the Brit awards, my Dad must have seen how much we were both going on about Rihanna and how desparate we were to see her. Then out the blue he told me he had got me and my friend tickets to see her. I actually cried haha, please dont think Im a spoiled brat, I never get stuff like this it was so out of the blue! I love my Daddy and Im going to get him an extra fabulous birthday present this year :).

- I eventually took my Molly out to play on the fields, which was one of my New Years resolutions. Shes so over friendly with other dogs and just jumps all over them, with strange dogs this can be a problem as they can sometimes react badly and I'd hate to see her get hurt. But on Monday we just went for it, and stayed in a quieter area and she just loved it :)

- I finished project 5 pan, took the photos to prove it, chucked out the empty packaging and then accidentally deleted the pictures off my memory card. What an idiot. ll do a separate post though.

- Had yet another Saturday night on the tiles. I need to calm down and save my money. However it was fab, everytime a Rihanna song came on I must have been so annoying becuase I was shouting and screaming about goig to see her. Never mind Im sure that phase will go away soon. No photos were taken though :( which alwaywas saddens me, especially aas I wore my new Lipsy blouse and got a ton of compliments on it, and also forgot to take OOTE photos. God Ive been a terrible blogger!

- My mam came back from her jollies, I actually really missed her even though it was only for a week. Rather jealous of her golden tan though!

God this post is crap haha no photos and nothing really to report on, I promise to try harder this week!



  1. Sounds like a lovely week :)

    Nice to see another local blogger.. I'm from South Shields also!


  2. I'm going to see rihanna too. SO excited :)