Monday, 28 February 2011

Weekly Summary #4

Half term = A million plans to achieve so much and not doing any of it successfully. Bed is too tempting, and my alarm clock is too easy to turn off.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were probably some of the most pointless days ever. I did absolutely nothing remotely productive, when I had planned to go to the college library every day to get caught up with college work. This didnt happen, I dont know why, the hours jsut ticked by and before I knew it the day was over and I hadnt left the house. FOR THREE WHOLE DAYS.

Apart from I did make a rather delicious Shepherds Pie, Im quite proud actually...theres no oint taking a photo of it because it will look disgusting whether its nice or not.

Thursday was spent in the pub with my family, eating curry, and then a rather large slab of choccie fudge cake :), which I later followed with a large McDonalds meal. It was my fat day for the week lets just say. 

Spent a lot of time at my Dads planning how Im going to move in. Davids house is really over crowded and I dont think our relationship is benefiting from us beingcompletely under each others feet in such cramped conditions. Also all my posessions are split 3 way, which isnt ideal. So my Dad bought this gorgeous, but reall run down, Georgian town house. I mean like literally it had no hot water, electiricity or carpets at all. Weve got as a far as getting the plumbing and electrics done but the house is literally bare walls and floors, so moving in may take a while and a lot of planning. But I hope I get my way and get the nice big room to decorate all beautifully!

Heres the "kitchen" and every room is the same...a long way from my vintage inspired little paradise.

Friday evening was a complete disaster, I went out bowling with my boyfriends family, and the lane just decided to break constantly. We went fo a curry afterwards and I felt so ill I had to run outside to be sick before my curry even arrived. Passers by probably thought I was just a drunk mess, but Ive been so ill since then Ive only left bed to have a bath and use the bathroom. Which is why theres been a huge lack of posts from me I guess...Im feeling a little better today so Ive taken some snaps to get back into the blog


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