Thursday, 10 February 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Wishlist, and 100 Followers!

   Firstly when I logged on to blogger today, I had hit the milestone and had over 100 followers! I actually woke my boyfriend up to tell him. Milestones are everything to me, they give me something to work towards so I got really excited. Thankyou to all my lovely followers, when I started out on here I would never have dream that I could attract that many people to read my blog, so I pretty extatic! A giveaway will be coming up soon!

   The MAC Wonder Woman Collection has certainly attracted a lot of attention. whether that be people loving or hating the packaging and the concept behind it. I know many people are getting sick of the more "fun" collections, hello kitty, barbie, venomous villains and now wonder woman. Personally I love them, they give a cute and quirky twist to make-up like no other brand really manages, and I love seeing new collections spring up, even if I dont get any of it.

   Although for this one in particular, I think the packaging is a little garish and in your face, but Ive looked past that to the colours and shades of the actual products, as most of the colours are limited edition. For once I dont actually feel like I "need" the whole collection, so here's my little wishlist for wonder woman....

Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo

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I really like the warm tones of this blush, its huge in comparison to normal MAC blushes so would last for ages too.

Pink Power Mineralise Skin Finish

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This MSF really is huge compared to the normal ones, Im not sure of the price but Ive read its really good value for money in comparison to how much product you get. This is the lighter of the two MSFs in the collection so I think it would suit my skin tone the best. I love how it has a highlight, bronxzer and blush all in one. Very handy for travelling or carrying in my bag. However I dont get why it doesnt have a mirror? Hmm, only a minor problem.

I had also had a look at the lipsticks and decided that there wasnt really anything jumping out at me in comparison to the permanent line, and I would really jsut be paying for the packaging which Im not too fond of anyway. So really, the blush and MSF are the two things I want from this collection :) Slightly cheaper than my normal wishlist!

Thanks again to all my followers, both new and old!


  1. I'm so disapointed I didnt get anything from the barbie collection :(
    do you know where I can get my hands on some!? I completely agree with you and I LOVE all the collections and how they just make shopping for make-up even more fun!
    Well done for you 100 followers too thats so good! xxx

  2. I didnt get any either Im gutted! Ive seen pictures and it all looks like the stuff I would love, I just joined the make-up bandwagon a little after that :(

    You can get some of the stuff on ebay but its really expensive, and I dont really truse ebay as Ive had a few rip off items from there that were fakes, and had gone old etc.

    Thanks lovely :) Im following your blog now its really good!


  3. I love this new MAC range!
    Claudia xxx