Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Project 5 Pan

Im almost nervous to actually post this, as once its out there, I must must must make myself stick to it.

I've seen many a youtuber and blogger do a "project 10 pan" meaning you cant buy any new products until you finish up 10 you already own. Im doing something similar...only with 5 products instead of 10. I can only justify this by saying it would probably take until next year to use up 10, as Im always changing things about and never finish one item. I also dont have as many products as some of the collection posts I see...so I feel as though I cna let myself off with just doing 5.

This is purely because I need to stop spending money on cosmetics, just for now. I always feel like I have no money for important things...but somehow have sneaky new products lurking in my make-up collection. So its time for an intervention. I know if I just enforced a ban, I would break it instantly, but by having a goal where I know that I will eventually reach then its more realistic for my little brain to get used to.

Anyhow. Project 5 Pan begins momentarily. Wish me luck!




  1. I'm doing project pan too! but I've failed, ha :) Good luck! It really is best to use up what you have.

  2. Definately going to do this with you! Expect a post soon :) I handed in 6 MAC packaging the other day and got a free lipstick, was so smug haha xo

  3. Ahh good I think itll be more encouraging if I know others are doing it too :) I wish I had enough to back to MAC...never gunna happen for ages though xx

  4. Oh! That's such a good idea! I wonder if I could do it....
    This needs careful consideration.
    Tamera xo

  5. I NEED to do this.. I have too much stuff. Its verging on insanity now. x