Monday, 14 February 2011

Weekly Summary #2

- Sold several items of clothes on Ebay, giving me a grand total of £80. I might have a look and see if theres any other unwated clothes hanging in my wardrobe as it seems this is a much better use for them.

- Had a lovely catch up with my friend Amy, I dont see her too much recently so it was nice. Whenever we get back together its like weve never been apart, weve been best mates since we were four years old, *aww*. So anyway we went to the cinema to see How Do You Know, which I have already seen but I was happy to go see again, its a great film and so funny!

A really bad picture of us on a recent night out, the next photo was worse I just didnt want to put it up here, we look like lesbians =/

- My Dad keeps hounding me to go and apply for a job at a local restaurant, but I know the Manager and hes not a very nice person. My Dad thinks Im making excuses and Im lazy but this honestly isnt the case, I just dont want a job that I would dread even going to apply for!

- Missed too much college this week, been nursing David back to health as someone decided to practically snap his back in half at football and now he's in complete agony. This is why I hate football.

- House hunting is a pain in the arse! We found a gorgeous apartment right in the city centre, perfect for Uni and everything, for what we thought was £104 rent per week. So we went to view it on thursday and fell in love....just as the estate agent said its £104 per PERSON per week. Which just isnt in our price range. Back to the drawing board!

- Ive probably mentioned this too much but I got to 100 followers, and I just couldnt be happier  :)

- Bought a few things for my giveaway, need to find a few more bits for it before I put it up though!

- Ended up going out in Shields dressed as a schoolgirl, not my idea! But it was a laugh! I found a new love for Dr Pepper cocktails mmm!



  1. School girl is always a fun costume!!!
    Tamera xo

  2. Just came across your blog, really enjoyed your posts :)