Friday, 4 February 2011

Five Good Things for Friday

1. I'm 8 followers away from having 100 followers :) So thankyou to all of the 92 I currelty have! A little giveaway will be on the way if I got to 100!

2. Blue skies. Although its still absolutely FREEZING, its nice to have bright sunny days rather than the usual grey skies. Bring on the spring!

3. Reorganising my make-up and finding 3 items that are well and truely dead, and means Im only 2 more products away from finishing Project 5 Pan. Although the rest of my stuff is no where near being this may still be a while off. Posts to come!

4. Fridays, my day off. Just love it.

5. David sold his X Box to pay his lads holiday off. Can't believe my luck.

Sorry, the obsession is a bit ridiculous.



  1. I LOVE Rihanna, Can't wait for spring, and number 5 made me laugh! x

  2. Lovely blog hunny, I followed XO

  3. Agreed, i love Rihanna :) thanks everyone xx