Thursday, 24 February 2011

Ho Humm...

Ive been twittering on in my head thinking what to say in this post. I have a lot of explainations as to why Ive been slacking no here, but if I tell you now, then my weekly summary post will be slightly redundant and pointless. So lets jsut say Im sorry girls! But next week Im kickstarting myself back into everything, and I have loads of ideas for posts just so many other things have been getting in the way this week!

So a pretty pointless post over all really, just letting you know I havnt forgotten about you! I think Ill be doing a little giveaway soon, so theres that to look forward to, and Im awaiting a little black box winging its way to me via Posty Pat so Im rather excited about that.

Anyway lovelies Im off to chill out for a bit, with a nice cuppa and celebrity juice


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