Monday, 28 February 2011

Finishing Project 5 Pan & Benefit Purchase

So I got to the end of this about a week ago, but it just completely slipped my mind to take photos. I finished about foour products at once, but two of these were a dry shampoo and a shower gel so I just left them out, and just included these two in here as proof. Please excse my camera being so crap.

The ever famous S&G Flake Away. I do love this, but Im not so keen on the oily sheen it leaves on my skin, I alwas end up using a shower gel afterwards so I feel clean. But I love how well it exfoliates, and the smell, I have another two tubs of it waiting to be used up.

An Avon Twist and Glide Lipgloss. I know it looks like theres some left in, but its twisted up to its limit, so what product thats left inside cant come out, which I find to be a bit of a waste but never mind. The packaaging also got a bit ruined when I used it on holiday off my suncream covered fingers, so its about time I used this up and got rid.

I was so glad to finish this as I had a £15 Debenhams voucher and wanted to put it towards getting something from my local Benefit counter, but had to wait until this was finished. The day after I used up the lipgloss I took myself down town and bought this as a little bargain, as the voucher meant I saved £15.

I have to say this wasnt what I had intended on buying. I had a million ideas of things I had wanted and this wasnt really one of them, but I just got to the counter and swatched it on my hand and really felt as though I would use it a lot, which is what I wat for something costing near enough £25.

Its gorgeous and I love it, photographing swatches proved impossible but it does look scary when you first paint it on but it gives a nice pinky tint when you blend it out with your fingers. Also it can be built up a few times for a more bright colour depending on how ou like your blush.

I would really recommend it, well worth my pennies!



  1. I feel the same about Flake Away - it's amazing as a scrub, but I always use Clean On Me after to remove the residue. I am quickly being won over by The Breakfast Scrub though - amazing!


  2. Yeh I do the same, I love how Clean On Me leaves your skin, the breakfast scrub is so much nicer I think :) the smell is gorgeous, and no oily residue! xxx

  3. Good job on finishing up things, I'm still working on my project pan :)