Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Four to Follow

I love reading posts by these ladies time after time...

Also I'm lacking ideas for posts. Its really difficult for me to get photos onto the laptop due to the lack of camera lead, so I can only do this on the computer at my mams, and I only go there one or two days a week, and I dont just want to spend all my time cooped up in the attic room, its just unsociable really. So any ideas that I dont hae to take a shed loads of photos for would be awesome :) In the mean time Im working on the photo situation!


Im off for a Lush bath now
Goodnight girlies!



  1. Thank you for the mention. :-)

    You could do chit chatty posts as they dont require pictures. Maybe a weekly round up of what you have been up to?

    I think those kind of posts are always quite popular. :-)


  2. I'll check those out! And don't worry, soon you'll be inspired! xx

  3. Thanks girls :) I think Ive came up with a few ideas now xx

  4. Awh thanks a lot for the link!