Sunday, 6 February 2011

Weekly Summary #1

Im going to make these weekly summaries from now on, I like the diray kind of idea behind them, and post them each monday from the week before.

- Spent 3 hours listing clothes on Ebay, quite enjoyed checking up to see how well my items are doing.

- Ebay spree ended in me buying The Secret Garden on DVD. One of my childhood favourites, so excited to watch it again.

- Loved Glee this week, I want Quinn and the new guy, I think hes called Ben(??) to get together, so cute

- Went to college to be reminded by some of my lovely classmates that I was stood on a podium on Saturday night, whipping my hair to Willow Smith's tune. Brilliant.

- My lovely lecturer assigned me the challege of "teaching" part of the lesson. I porceeded to print out Disney colouring in pages, with relevant characters for the members of the class, Eg. the chubby arsehole who once called me a stupid slag, I gave Pumba. Although this may be an insult to Pumba. Very productive lesson. It'll teach John not to put me in charge.

-Secret Diary of a Call Girl was back on this week. My favourite installment of smut back on my screen, woop! Haha, no but it is so good really, and Billie Piper is bloody beautiful.

- Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents is SO cringeworthy. Parents watching you lick shots off barmens chests. No thankyou. Also what a relief I never booked up to go to Laganas in Zante, what a sh*thole!

- My lovely David gave me the funds to buy the Lipsy blouse that I fell in love with, as Ive already posted about. Can't wait for it to arrive.

- My mam gave me one of my little brothers suits to sell on Ebay, got £20.00 for it and got to keep the money, score!

- I must get the recipe for my Mams Beef Stew, and give it to you all, because its the most lovely warming meal, ever.

- Went to see The Fighter on wednesday at the cinema with David. His choice of film, I wasnt expecting much but I actually loved it. Now I really fancy Mark Wahlberg. Trust me, hes gorgeous in the film.

- The rest of this week I have just been so ill, havent even left the house :(

Listening to:
Eyes Wide Shut - JLS, ft. Tinie Tempah
Whos That Chick - David Guetta f.t Rihanna
Jump in the Pool - Friendly Fires


  1. I used to love The Secret Garden!
    The bit about you teaching the class made me laugh out loud :)
    Hope you're feeling better now x

  2. Oh my god I watched Sun,Sex and Suspicious Parents and it was just sooo stupid. Like, the teenagers are on holiday let them have a bit of fun!!!

  3. I like this idea of a diary style post! Loved reading it x