Monday, 31 January 2011

January in Pictures

I think Im going to make this a monthly thing, some photos Ive taken each month. It may not be too interesting to readers I guess but its like a kind of photo diary to look back on :) Anyway, here we go...

New Years Day, Windermere, posin with the lake

Im so immature.

Mmmm Chocolate cake!

One day, I'll make this

Blurry New Years photo

Too many Blue Lagoons! David nicely made the rest B&W, looks even worse now.

We asked for a taxi into town and got a 30 seater coach. My friends will appreciate me putting this here haha!

A few naughty pitchers in Yates'


One in the loos

I bought the keyring of this, £3, rip off!  Amy looks angry haha.

I loooooove my girls :)

Hmm...perhaps I need to take my camera places more. The only photos I have are always taken when were out, had a few too many and look rather worse for wear. Theyre the funniest of times though.


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  1. Beautiful pictures! the one about soiling is the kinda pic i would take haha such kids!! LOVEblue lagoons sooo nice xxxx