Monday, 3 January 2011

Belated Christmas Gifts: Clothes etc

This is my second Christmas gifts post. When I read over my last one I realised I forgot to put in a picture of the fragrances I got, so they were; Alien by Theirry Mugler and Ghost Sweetheart. I also got a huge bottle fo Lush's Snow Fairy which Im excited to use. I also got two Yankee Candles in Christmas Treats (my favourite) and Christmas magic which Im currently burning. Anyway on with my other stuff...

I was lucky in the book department, I will be reading forever! Alan Sugars autobiography may seem odd, but I think hes amazing, wierd as this may be haha my friends think Im mad.

This photo turned out a bit crap, I probably should have tried them on to show you. Apologies for my boyfriends scruffy unmade bed, I probably should have made the effort. The purple velvet dress is from Miss Selfridge, and it was in a lust list I did just before Christmas, my boyfriend told me to go out and get it as one of my Christmas presents :D. I also chose the shirt myself from Primark for £14, and I absolutely love it. To me it looks more Topshop than Primark and it goes with anything, I wore it with leggins one day and then with velvet shorts for a night out as well.

Another unflattering photo, it looks much better on! I picked both of these out myself, the coat is from Toshop for £80 and I absoltuely love it! I pair it with this snood which I thought was a bargain at £4 in Primark. I feel so cosy in this coat, much better than my old one.

Again I picked these out for myself, my family are a bit scared of suprising me clothing wise for whatever reason, Ive never complained about anything Ive been given in the past. So I got these gorgeous boots from River Island for £45, Im in love with them and Im wearing them practically every day. The bag is from ASOS and was £12, it compliments my shoes nicely I think.

Lastly I got these pairs of shoes as a suprise. Theyre both from Miss Selfridge and I love them both, the heels are rather hard to walk in but as if thats ever bothered me!

The End!


  1. youve had some lovely stuff :)

    happy new year


  2. quite jealous of a lot of these books! dying to read half of them, they're all on a list of things i'm asking for my birthday! haha :)

  3. Snap, i got that snood from primark in the exact same colour LOVE IT! sooo warm and cosey!! Hope ya keeping well honey xx