Monday, 3 January 2011

Ins and Outs


-Having loads of new products to try out from Christmas, slowly working my way through the Soap and Glory Big Pink set, and Im completely in love with my OPI and MAC items...maybe I should do a post on them.

-Getting back to real life after the festivities. Im not really a scrooge, just I kind of breathe a sigh of relief once its gone, it messes with my body and I havnt a clue what day it is or anything. Time to sort my life out!


-New Year bringing more motivation than ever to get a new job and get stuck into my coursework, just sort everything out to how I need it to be.

-Going away for New Year, definately beats staying here and going to some house party where I probably dont even know or like most of the people there. A nice private New Years celebrated overlooking Lake Windermere with a stiff drink and a fireworks display was just gorgeous, Ill never forget it.

-Buying Sex and the City 2 today saying as I didnt get it for Christmas, excited to watch it later, I seen it five times when it was in the cinema.

-No snow has fallen for a while, yey!


-My boyfriend getting loads of x box games for Christmas, Ive lost him to Call of Duty, and the bedroom constantly sounds like a war zone.


-Being a million years behind with coursework as I was off college ill for 2 weeks before Christmas, I'll pay the price when I go back tomorrow and have so much catching up to do.

-Taking down the Christmas tree, always makes me feel slightly sad.

-Christmas mess everywhere, presents you cant find a home for and loads of selection boxes lying around. It messes with my OCD tidy mind.

-My boyfriend Cineworld Unlimited card running out and I still have mine. I no longer have anyone to go and see an unlimited amount of films with, boo.

-I just want it to be spring now that Christmas is over with, I cant jusitfy the cold weather anymore, its only acceptable for a white christmas.




  1. Haha, love that graph! That is me at the moment, except facebook is replaced by reading blogs! Good luck with your coursework though. I love your Carrie Bradshaw quote at the top of the page. I'm itching to sit and watch the boxset again but I have too much to do :'( x

  2. I love the picture of you in front of the lake, so pretty!!
    I admit I would much rather a private celebration of new year, too bad my boyfriend wouldnt!!

  3. Ahh lauren me too, my boxset is always calling my name and I always attempt coursework and end up on here haha.

    Thanks Kirstie it was lovely, maybe you will be able to convince him for next year! x