Friday, 7 January 2011

TAG: 15 Random Questions

Another sleepless night, too tired to do anything actually productive, but too awake to get to sleep...annoying. Heres a random questions post, I tag you all!

Where do you call home?
My less than desirable home town of South Shields, in the North East of England. When I'm away from the area its normally easier to just say I'm from Newcastle as people tend to know that better. Only ever famous for producing Joe McElderry and for Ocean Road, a long street consisting of about 50 different tae-away shops, all absoluely excellent actually. Its a rather average town really, not too much to do, but I suppose I could live somewhere a lot worse. It can look pretty sometimes, especially the beach...My dad took this photo...

What is your most memorable holiday?
This is tough, my holidays have bene memorable for different reasons. Second place owuld have to be my first holiday with my boyfriend to Salou in Spain. We had a ball, it was just perfect in every single way. But really my most memorable would have to be Florida in 2008 with my Dad and my brother. It was jsut the most amazing few weeks EVER, Im truely in love with the place, being the ultimate Disney nerd that I am. I find myself recalling memories here and there literally most days. Best time ever.

Have you ever owned a pet?
Yep, I had two fish when I was little called Tom and Jerry. Then after YEARS of pleading my parents got me a border collie puppy which I named Ollie. He was gorgeous, and meant to be a real sheepdog, which is why he tried to "herd" my little brother Ben a few times which I found hilarious. However Ben was really timid of him and actually cried a few times, so after about 8 weeks, we had to give him to a better home. He actually went on to a farm to be a working dog, which is what he was made to do, he had it in his blood so Im really glad we did it actually. Now I have my 1 year old cross breed called Molly. We got her from the dog shelter after she had been abandoned as a puppy in the snow up on Cleadon Hills :(. Shes like my little sidekick I am besotted with her.
I miss my little Ollie!
Me mid-sentence with Molly...inseperable
What is your favourite TV show?
Sex and the City, always. Theres a few I have very close to my heart that I have had obsessions with, The OC and The Hills to name but a few, but SATC will always be there time and time again. Im never not in the mood to watch an episode...or 5.

Whats the worst/most embarrassing CD/Album you've ever owned?
Oh no. Probably something really cringeworthy like the Vengaboys. Whats even more cringeworthy is that I managed to sell them on ebay in the summer for £3 each, only my oldest ones that I know I'll never ever listen to....this means someone out there actually really wanted it and searched for it and spent their money on it. But each to their own...

What did you want to be when you were little?
Dont judge me, Im not racist in any way shape or form but for whatever reason, as a very small child I used to say I wanted to be a black nurse, not just a nurse, a black nurse. I know, what?! My mam thinks its becuase I used to sit with her throughout Casualty and Holby City, and a few of my favourite characters, even tohugh I probably didnt understand what was going on, were black female nurses. But moving on, as I got older I jumped between a vet, an optician, a social worker, and settled at teacher, and still do want to be a teacher...stirctly primary school though.

What are you afraid of?
Spiders, moths and horror films. Im no longer scared of wasps since I got stung by one on holiday, its not as bad as I imagined, still hurt though.

What item can't you live without?
My laptop, or any form of internet. I honestly dont know where I would be without it...probably having some form of active life with more excercise.

What is your day job?
A student, I hate saying it as it makes me feel lazy, but its true.
Are you a 'morning' or 'night' person?
Night, I dont do mornings, I stay up far too late.


What is your favourite food?
Pancakes with lemon juice and sugar, mmm.


What is your all time favourite film?
The Lion King. Surely I dont need to explain this one?

If you could visit any place in the world where would it be?
New York! Anyone who knows me wouldl say that straight away. Its just somewhere I dream about, it looks amazing, everything I could want from a city.

What are you most looking forward to in 2011?
Getting settled into Uni life, just generally settling in general, everything is up in the air and all over the place right now, Im looking forward to some kind of routine.
What has been your highlight of 2010?
My utterly relazing holiday with David, it was the most chilled out 10 days of my whole life, I dont think I could have coped with what met me when I got home if I hadnt had that week of nothingness beforehand. (My granda's cancer very quickly took over him in the last week of his life and it was the worst thing ever to witness, I was very much involved in making sure he was comfortable in his final days but all the while it was completely heartbreaking. He died that week, which was five days after I returned from Majorca. I can only say Im glad we stayed for 10 days and not 2 weeks or I couldnt live with myself).
Sorry for the depressing ending to this post everyone, but it was a very big part of my year obviously, and I like to think I can confide things with you as its my little area to vent everything


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