Sunday, 2 January 2011

MAC Champale Collection

Ive read loads about this collection, watched a fair few videos and seen loads of swatches. Its fair to say I wish I had kept my Christmas money so I could buy literally everything in this collection. Theres many beauty bloggers around showing swatches, which sadly I cannot do, and talking about the products and reviewing them, so I wont bore you by jumping on the bandwagon.

My main reason for this post is to ask if anyone knows when this collection comes out in the UK? It came out on Boxing Day in the U.S, but nowhere seems to be able to tell me when I can get it in England. Its not on sale on the website yet either...hmm.

I jsut dont want to miss out on some of these gorgeous looking products and would hate for the launch date to pass by and the good stuff to be gone instantly witohut me knowing about it. Everything in the collection has this sort of heavenly glow about it, pearly, goldy, or metallic and a mixture of them all. Just gorgeous.

In particular my wishlist consists of:

Eye Kohl in I Get No Kick
Paint Pot in Vintage Selection
Lip Gelee in Bubble Lounge
Special Reserve Highlight Powder in Chez Chez Lame
Nail Laquer in Soiree

We shall see how successful I am in getting my mitts on these in the near future!
If anyone has any dates that would be grand



  1. Pretty sure they're out already? FleurDeForce posted a haul on her youtube x

  2. Ahh yeh I seen that video thats why I was so intrigued that its not on the site yet but she managed to get it in a store x

  3. It was instores Friday. I should imagine it will be online between monday&thursday this week :) xx

  4. Heyya I'm izzy :)
    I followed yooh, maybe follow bakk?
    Nice to see a fellow Uk blogger :)
    Izzy x

  5. Hopefully soon, I really want some stuff from it! I heard it was in stores last week though, which is strange as its not on the site at the mo :( xxx

  6. yeh thats what I thought, isnt it meant to be on the site before in stores? hmm, thankyou everyone :) x