Friday, 28 January 2011

Disappointing Products #1

Sometimes I find posts about products that havent quite stepped up to the mark to be as interesting and helpful as those that rave about good products. I'm not normally the fussy type with products so its taken me a while to find a few I have a few grumbles and gripes about.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Now I'm being overly picky here. But I LOVED the scent when I sniffed at the bottle, however when I use it in the shower its wayyyy too overpowering and not even as nice a smell as when its in the bottle. Also it "irridescent sparkles" are all lying in the bottom of the bottle, and try as I might they wont move. Apart from that, it cleans nicely, and the smell thats left on my skin is just like that of the bottled scent. Just not a fan of it whilst in the shower.

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
I'd heard some great things about htis product, so I bought a tube for my holidays in waterproof formula. It just stuck my lashes together like spiders legs, only now about 4 mnothy later when it has dried up completely also strange after 4 months, when I havnt even used it much) is it bareable and just alright to use. This might be different in the non-waterproof kind, but I jsut wouldnt recommend this at all. Also the wand is too hard and plasticy for my liking, but I suppose thats just personal preference.

Collection 2000 Eye Definition Liquid Eyeliner
Now for Collection 2000, and their cheap prices, I wasn't expecting miracles. However, after trying out a few different colours in their Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner range, and finding them to be amazing, I thought this would have similar longevity andsuper impressive pgimentation. I can inform you I found it to possess neither of these qualities, which are really key in a decent liquid liner. It aplied fine at first but then at a single touch it crumbled off. Yes, I said crumbled. Whats with that? It took a good few coats to get it properly black as well. A bit streaky and watered down, just not good really.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish
They have a lovely range of colours, and the first time you apply them, they're lovely. Nothing wrong what so ever. However, 2 months down the line, its a useless gloopy mess thats too thick, and impossible to work with. I won't be buying their polishes any more. Get it sorted Rimmel.

Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer
This has just never worked for me from day 1. Ive tried a million times to get it to work, fingers, brushes, sponges, nothing can make this look natural. It just cakes over the blemishes, not masking them at all but just making them look worse with crappy concealer slapped over them. This may work ok on red patches, sort of, but any real spots of any kind, just dont use this!

Lush Mask of Magnaminty
I bought this as I used to get terrible acne on my back, and this mask claimed to be a face and back mask. THe first I had ever heard of, so I gave it a go. Firstly it is a horrble dirty green colour, and absolutely stinks of mint, but not in a good way, more of a leafy mint, if that makes any sense. I was willing to overlook putting this strong smell right on my face if it gave good results. I can safely say it didnt do anything for me, at all. It was really thick and hard, so I had to cake it on, I tried it a frew different times, leaving it on for different amounts of time, in the bath, not in the bath etc. Each time when I washed it off, my skin felt no different, if anything I felt like I needed to wash again, which I normally did. I just dont think this mask does anything at all to be honest, sorry Lush.

If anyone has any products to avoid, I'd love you to leave a comment :)



  1. Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one being *a little* disappointed with Snow Fairy. My issue isn't that it's overpowering in the shower, but it happens to be that the smell is too weak LOL! And it didn't even stay on my skin after the shower )=

    I also hated Rimmel Sexy Curls. It's also clumped my lashes with the first coat and I hate the brush, it makes it so hard to apply the mascara properly, I ended up with mascara all over my eye area! x=

  2. haha Gaby maybe we should swap as I wish mine smelt a little weaker, and it stays on my skin for ages.

    Yeh thats what I think about sexy curves, just bloody awful lol xx