Monday, 24 January 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 3 and Day 4

Now I'm already a day behind on this challenge, but saying as yesterday was Sunday, I'll let myself off as for wahtever reason I always find myself far too busy on a Sunday. So today Ive combined yesterdays and todays. I would also like to welcome and thank all my new followers, hope you enjoy!

Day 3: 10 Things That I Hate

I find this difficult as theres only really one person I hate, and everything else I sort of strongly dislike really, so this list is just things that annoy me.

1. The Ex-Boyfriend. My most obvious choice, too many swear words come to mind to go any further.

2. Feeling sick. I always feel sick, its rare I go a week without feeling completely ill, blood test after blood test have said I should be perfectly fine. Look slike I'm stuck with it.

3. Bitchy arguments that come from nowhere. Needless and irritating, especially when people try to get you involved.

4. When my friends break up with their boyfriend, who Ive spent ages making friends with, and suddenly its a crime for me to ever speak to them. Grow up please girls.

5. Being skint, and it being impossible to get a part time job around here.

6. Nice food being bad for you and awful food being healthy, who decided to make this happen?

7. Tickets for Rihanna beig announced and being put on sale straight away, could have at least gave me enough time to save up!

8. Football. I dont know why I didnt think of this head of everything else. I quite liked it, until my boyfriend came along and it was forced into my life almost every single day.

9. When a meal goes completely wrong. I get so annoyed with myself.

10. All of the irritating people Ive ever came across.

Rant Over!

Day 4: 10 Things I Need To Say To Someone

I can't see how this woud be interesting to my readers, as they dont know my friends personally...but Ill keep these nameless anyway.

1.  Just take him back and stop torturing him and yourself! Theres nothing to worry about.

2. Theres no need to get stressed so much, chill out and youll be happier for it.

3. You wonder why people don't tell you anything, but its because youre so angry and shout at us all. Stop trying to take over and be the boss and youll be accepted better.

4. Youre smarter than you give yourself credit for, stop telling yourself you cant do things and you could have done well in that job.

5. Grow up and stop being selfish, the world doesn't revolve around you.

6. Theres no need to pretend you hate him, everyone knows youre obsessed with him just admit it.

7. I constantly stick up for you when people say crap about you, yet you constantly make me look like an idiot and prove them right, why dont you see that were your friends and you dont need to be horrible because normally youre a beautiful person.

8. I miss you, and you miss us. I cant believe you let him completely rule your life and push you away from your friends. Hes a psycho and we love and miss you.

9. I wish I could be better friends with you, but the rest of your friends are completely awful and I cant be bothered to have to put up with them in order to go out or whatever and do things with you.

10. I love you, just calm down.

So that was probably 100% pointless and boring for anyone to read, but its in the challenge, so there I did it! :)


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  1. hahhaa! i so can relate with your no 4 in day 3. some people just can't let go and grow up. :) oh and no 10 too. x