Friday, 21 January 2011

Haul: E.L.F

I recieved this parcel late last week, but with my blog temporarily unavailable to me this "haul" post is a little late...but I've had a chance to try the stuff out so I can give an idea of what I think of them. I made this order as I found that there was free P&P and a free makeup mist and set spray, heres what I got...

I got the daily brush cleaner, makeup mist and set, hypershine gloss in bubble gum, mineral bronzed glow, eyelid primer and a nail varnish in party purple.

The brush cleaner is really just for spot cleaning between uses, in times like when you want to use an eyeshadow brush twice in one look with different colours and need it clean quick. It has a spray top so you dont waste loads of the product. Ive jsut been spritzing it on the brush tips and then twirling them in a paper towel to get rid of the "dirt". It dries really quickly so brushes are almost instantly ready to use again. This didnt work at all on my foundation brush, but then again I never expected it to work miracles. It costs £3.50 for 250ml which to me seems like very good value for money. I use this each use before I put my brushes away, jsut to try and keep on top of them, but I still shampoo at least once every 2 weeks.

The studio makeup mist and set was free but is normally £3.50 for 60ml. This claims to do similar wonders as MAC's Fix+ claims, to have numerous vitamins and skin enriching ingredients in it to moisturise and soothe. It claims to prevent make-up from running or fading if it is sprayed on after make-up application. Ive used this a few times in the past week, and although I wouldnt say it works miracles, I really do like how it feels on my skin. It leaves you feeling fresh, especially after your make-up has been on a few hours it deos make it look refreshed. I cant really say if it is responsible for my make-up staying put, as at the same time i started using a new foundation, and the new eyelid primer. Maybe it is partly responsible though, so I will continue to use this.  I think it might come in handy in the summer.

I have really enjoyed using the eyelid primer and the lipgloss this week *insert photo with bad lighting*

I wasnt holding out much hope for the primer, at £1.50, I didnt expect much. However I absolutely love it, and now favour it over my other eyelid primer Lemon Aid from Benefit that I believe cost me a small fortune at around £15. It leaves a soft velvety base, rather than LemonAid's yellow stickyness. I actually had a whole night out with it on, leaving at 8:00PM and returning home at 3:30AM, I then went to bed in my makeup (naughty) until about 10:00AM, and when I eventually rose and looked in the mirror my eyeshadow hadnt budged at all. Not a smudge or crease in sight. I was so astounded I actually left the house with it on to go and show my Mam how amazed I was at its staying power. New favourite for my makeup bag!

The lipgloss is pretty, nothing special, but not offensive. I never really have opinions on lipglosses unless theyre absolutely disgusting, but this is nice and Ive been reapplying it all the time as I like the feeling of the brush on my lips haha. It looks something like this when worn alone on my lips...
Just a nice every day shine, I can see this being in my handbag until it runs out.

My wildcard purchase came in the form of the Mineral Glow in Bronze. There was a choice of "Bronze" or "Shimmer" and I went for the first one. However, upon opening it and tryig it out it looks more "Shimmer", and Im glad.

I like the "filtering thing" it comes with rather than an open pot of loose powder, a disaster waiting to happen! It costs £5.00 for 10 grams, but this will last you forever! This is the bronzeish colour, but I beg to differ, its the darker of the two tones, but still this is only just the same colour as my skin if not a little lighter, and they dont call me Casper for nothing. But I wouldnt really use such a shimmery powder as a bronzer, so Im pleased its more of a highlight type colour.

I tried to get across the effect it gives in this photo, you can see it where the lights hitting. Ive been using it on my cheekbones, and collar bones, its shimmery but not too over the top so Ive been using it through the day as well as evenings. The verdict: Lovely highlight and shimmer, but nothing like its name or colour on the website.

Lastly, a little NOTD with the nail varnish I got in the sale for £1.00 in the shade Party Purple. It is just that, a deep purple filled with silvery shimmer, I used two coats so its a rather dark colour but I do like it, and the sparkles are more clear in real life.



  1. Great Haul! I've not tried ELF yet. I am too chicken to ever order make-up online! Looks like I'm missing out! x

  2. I only ordered from them in the first place as theyre so cheap I thought theres nothing to lose! Turns out I love most of the things Ive got from there x