Friday, 7 January 2011

December Favourites

I know Im a bit late with my favourites of the month post, as I wasnt going to do one since I had done a Favourites of 2010 post. But Im bored, and I thought I may aswell! However its late, and I dont have any pictures prepared, so the images will have to come from the wonders of google images.

Barry M Nail Paint in Racing Green.

I found this colour perfect for the festive season. To me, Christmas is Green, Red and Gold. I like to switch up the colours of my nails, I get bored and never paint them the same colour two times in a row. I knew I wanted red nails for Christmas, so for most of December I used this as my festive tribute. I actually went back to this polish over and over again, which is unusual, but I just love the colour of it. Its got a nice shimmer through it as well which I like as its not just a flat green colour. Gorgeous!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Sugar Plum

Im not sure if this was in my November favourites post, but hey ho! I actually borrowed this from my mam when I found it when trawling through her make-up bag and I fell in love. She said I really suited it, so she just gave me it :).  For a start, it smells and tastes lovely, kind of sweet, which kind of actually does fit with its name nicely. It looks to be a really hard to wear colour in the tube, really deep/bright pinky plum. But this isnt how it goes on. Once applied its a lovely bright, but wearable pinky shade. On me this came out slightly lighter than the "swatch" above, but this may differ from person to person. It stains your lips brilliantly so even when it wears off over time your lips are still the lovely berry stained colour. I might have to invest in more lipsticks from this range soon.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser

When I bought this, I had'nt heard of it before. There had been no rave reviews spurring me on to get it or anything like that, which I normally have when I buy new beauty products. I walked into Boots looking for a new moisturiser, this one looked alright, I trust Neutrogena, so I jsut bought it thinking nothing of it. Now Ive finished the tube, and I can honestly say its amazing. It seems really thick when you squeeze it out and slather it on, but I like that much better than a really thin texture that feels like its done absolutely nothing for you. It really does moisturise, like you would expect, but just, nicer and better than others I've come across. My skin feels good, like its been given a good drink, really healthy and smooth, and I LOOOOOVE it. So much so that my Clinique Dramatically Different takes a back seat in favour of it. That really is saying something from me.

GOSH Natural Blush in Juicy Peach

I've had this blush for nearly a year now, and you can barely tell I've used it, and believe me, I have used it. This is because its so highly pigmented a tiny amount on your brush really does go a long way. You really do have to be careful with this, I've had a few times in the beginning where I looked like a clown, its not hard to make this mistake. This rarely happens now as I'm used to it and know to apply tiny amounts at a time. Its a gorgeous peachy corally colour on the skin and gives you a summer glow. I normally would associate this with summer, as it was my go-to blush for holidays and when I was wearing fake tan. Neither of which has happened at all in December, so Ive suprised myself by using it frequently this month. I dont know why, but it works with pale skin as well as it did with my pathetic attempt of a tan. I like how its not shimmery, like the ELF blush that I use so often, it makes a nice change for me.

Primark 4 in 1 Deep Facial Cleansing Wipes.

Firstly, sorry to the lovely blogger who posted this photo that I found on google images. It is very very lazy of me not to take my own photos, and there were no other pictures on the internet at all of this product. If you're reading this feel free to bollock me. Anyway, a pack of two lke this was £1, and they were conveniently stacked as I awas waiting in the huge queue in primark right beside me. I was low on face wipes so I jsut shoved them in my basket. I expected them to be awful, I generally assume this with Primark and they continue to shock me. For starters, they smell so beautiful, like fruity and fragrant but in a fresh way that you dont mind covering your face in. They dont sting, at all, which I often hate about face wipes, and they generally do their job well. What else can be said about face wipes, jsut the fact that it was £1 for 50, and theyre the best Ive came across, having only tried drug store brands. Pat on the back for Primark, slap across the cheeks for me for taking a bloggers picture.

Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish

I realise that everyone already knows about this, but I havew to say this is my favourite body scrub ever ever ever. It is beautiful in every way, and as of yet id my favourite Soap and Glory product. Not a single flake of dry skin ugliness gets past this beauty, and my skin feels slippery smooth when I get out the shower, lush!

The Body Shop Vanilla Spice Shimmer Lip Balm

For most girls, the holy grail product of these bitterly cold months is a good lip balm. I often find that my lips just will never evr not be chapped in winter, which means no lipstick for me :(. It also means I feel the need to constantly keep applying lip balm to try and beat the freeze. Therefore, I want it to look pretty too. This ticks both my boxes, its slightly shimmery so looks like a lip gloss, but it really thick and stays put on your lips for ages even through drinking hot cups of hot chocolate. Apart from that, it smells and tastes devine, but what else would you expect from The Body Shop. My little tub has lasted me about 4 years, and Ive only just hint the bottom. It doesnt even have the same pacaking design as the one pictured its that old. I know its probably well out of date and disgusting but it hasnt changed at all since I got it, and Im not one to waste anything. Yummy Yummy Yummy.

Random Favourites

Good old Holly Willoughbooby

I jsut admire everything about her, shes got class but shes still cheeky and a bit naughty, and shes jsut gorgeous and I love her style. My boyfriend thinks we were separated at birth, he thinks I'm jsut like her, I wish!

Rihanna ft. Drake What's My Name

I've became a little bit obsessed with this song. Apart from the fact I completely idolise Rihanna, its generally rather catchy and I keep singing it ALLLLL the time, its probably very annoying. It reminds me of good times partying in town with my friends around Christmas time, me and Natalie had this dance move going for it, cringeworthy.

Irn Bru

Yes, wierd I know. I forgot how much I loved this and now Im re-addicted like I was in Year 10. Delicioso!

The Snood

What a marvellous invention. Now I dont have to have the tassels of a scarf hanging out the bottom of my coat looking rather odd, or the scarf trailing all down inside my coat making me look twice the size I really am. Amen to the snood.

Right that was a stupidly long post, congrats if you made it this far.

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