Saturday, 22 January 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: 10 Things I Love...

1.My Family, for the most obvious reasons. Love them millions, we've not had an easy ride, or by any means a perfect family life, but we're all happy for now and hats what counts really.

Mam and Ben, a few summers ago

Daddy Bear.

2. David. My boyfriend and best friend. Everyone thinks were going to be that couple that grows old together, its probably true. Cue very drunk holiday photo.

3. Molly Moo, she knows all my secrets and is the softest dog ever, always there for a cuddle and a big sloppy kiss.

4. My girls, I can always rely on them to get me sufficiently tipsy and make me cry laughing even when I feel like crap.

5. Sex and the City. I've gone through the obvious ones, now this is my all time love that goes beyond my friends and family. My boxset is well loved and has got me through tohe best and worst of times. Carrie Bradshaw is my secret best friend.

6. Lemon pancakes. I could have a million food items in this list, it was either pancakes, cheesecake or doughnuts. Yes I enjoy fatty sweet foods. Pancakes was always my sunday morning breakfast when I stayed at my Grandas, my favourite meal of the week, bless his heart. I paid £3.00 in the Mtero Centre for a lemon and sugar pancake last week, thinking there would be a whole stack of them but it turns out only one appeared on my plate. £3.00 for one pancake, I was nearly sick! But it was worth it :)

7. Music and my iPod in particular. It keeps me company on boring journeys, makes me happy and makes me want a good night out. It's lasted me well considering its my third one, after the past two gave up the ghost after about a year, this ones still alive after 2 years :) good little ipod.

8. Shopping. It genuinely is therapeutic in a million different ways. I even feel like Ive had a decent work out when I come home from a successful trip with many bags weighing my arms down. Coming home with lots of pretty impulse buys and then opening them all, trying them out and trying things on is probably one of my favourite things to do. Call me sad and materialistic I really don't mind.

9. Holidays. Theres nothing better than getting away from the miserable weather and every day worries. Just being away, in the sun, eating wonderful food and drinking cocktails, even if it is only midday, it really doesnt matter because "youre on holiday". Its just an excuse to get away with murder, drinking, eating, acting like a child and staying out late every night and being lazy all day is what youre supposed to do, sounds perfect to me.

10. Makeup Makeup Makeup. From expensive treats to "drugstore" bargains, trying something just because or buying something I've wanted for ages. Getting it home and trying it for the first time and instantly falling in love, then using it almost every day. Playing around with ridiculous eyeshadows when Im not leaving the house, or really making an effort for a night out. I just enjoy it. Blooging about it, buying it, using it is all exciting to me, nobody I know understands why and neither do I really, its just my thing and I love it.


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