Friday, 7 January 2011

Five Good Things for Friday

I like doing Five Good Things posts, it makes me sit back and really think about some good things that have happened, some obvious, and some I have to think about for a while, which can be nice and rather theraputic. I'm going to try and do these each Friday as then Im more likely to remember to do them...

1. Today I got my third blog award. Its the Versatile Blogger award, which I was awarded originally last week. As Ive already done the post for it from then, I would just like to thank Jill at sugarbeauty for giving me this award. It really does brighten my day, I literally find out Ive got it and tell my boyfriend straight away Im so happy :). I love the blog awards posts I think its a brilliant idea, it makes people feel good, like their stuff is actually appreciated and enjoyed, and it helps spread the word of other good bloggers out there.

2. Getting packages in the post. This will never, ever get old for me. Most the time I'm not in when they arrive so I get home to find it sat waiting for me on the table and I get such a buzz. I found my recent ELF order waiting for me yesterday but one of my products was faulty when I opened it, so Im trying to get that sorted with ELF then Ill do a post.

3. Ego boosts, in any way shape or form, making you feel good about yourself when you need it most. I havent had the easiest few months but in the past week a lot has made me feel a lot better about myself. I had a chat with my college tutor who reassured me that Im well on my way to getting the grades I need for Uni. Teeside Uni have accepted me on the condition I do achieve the grades, and I have got my first 3 blogger awards in the space of a week.

4. Winning contests. I have always been the girl that was unlucky and never won anything, then all of a sudden the beauty blogging world brought luck my way. I entered a contest on Dolly Bow Bow's youtube channel in the summer time, as did hundreds of others and somehow I won that! Then I won Fashion Face's advent contest just after Christmas, which has yet to arrive and Im very excited. Both of these giveaways were absolutely huge as well so Ive bene rather lucky. I dont know if anyone would be interested to see what I got in the Dolly Bow Bow one as there was loads of goodies, just ask! Ill definately be posting about the advent one when it arrives as Im very excited :D.

5. My mam is on a health kick the same time as me. This means no more struggling to find a way to eat healthily, shes cooking good food while I want it too. Everyones a winner.

I was flicking through weheartit and found this kitten and fell in love. Random, but I NEEED it!


  1. Cutest kitten ever!! Glad you're having a good week lovely, and you definitely deserve the awards- I love your blog (and you!)xxx

  2. Thankyou for linking hun!
    Love & Kisses xox

  3. Lovely post, made me smile and feel relaxed, good reading! I will look forward to these on a friday! xo

  4. Thankyou all for the lovely comments :) Its the best part about posting for me, when I get nice comments on them.

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