Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Word of Warning...

Never ever rely on ELF's eyelash glue. I just tried to use my new ELF lashes out and just thought I could use th glue they provided. But no. Even when I first squrited it out the tube I knew something was up, it came out in a gloopy congealed mess, not promising, It is far too thick you have to rub it around in your fingers before it becomes soft and lquidy enough to actually go on the lashes, and then theres still lumps of it along the way.

I tried sticking my lashes on, holding them in place FOREVER, just to make sure they stuck, and within 30 seconds both of them had fell off my eyes. Not good. The lashes seem lovely but it looks like I wont be using them tonight!

Just thought I could tell you guys incase like me, you were relying on this glue and then find its useless. Back to my trusty mascara for this evening! Have a lovely evening where eve the night may take you :)



  1. hey :) duo adhesive eyelash glue is definitely the best I've ever used. MAC sell it for £10 but you can find it elsewhere cheaper. My eyelashes have never even budged when I've put it on!

    harriet x

  2. Ah thanks for the tip! Ive heard its good I just never wanted to fork out for it at MAC saying as I dont really wear them often...Ill have a look for somewhere cheaper :) ...I followed your blog too, its lovely xx