Wednesday, 26 January 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 5

Yet again I'm a day behind on this, coursework is to blame my friends! Im sure everyone knows how that feels. Im not sure these are such popular posts saying as today I lost a follower for the first time...kick in the teeth, am I this boring? I'll continue anyway...

Day 5: 10 Wishes

Im going to get past the "world peace" and "everyone I know to be happy and healthy", as everyone does that, and its jsut taken for grnated that these are at the top of the list. No cheating with the "wishing for unlimited wishes" either, just purely things I want.

1. To get a lifeguards job at the leisure centre, I found out today my friend gets paid £13 per hour on saturdays to sit by the swimming pool and jsut look out ncase anynes in trouble. Shes done it for 3 years and hasnt had to save anyone yet. I NEED this job.

2. For my girly holiday to be booked and for there to be no arguments over it, just simple, no problems.
Shipwreck Beach

3. To somehow be able to afford a flat with David in the space of this year, pretty please, biggest wish of all.

4. For someone to just magically drop that Halston Heritage dress I want and need so badly at my door.

5. To get into Northumbria Uni, and enjoy it.

6. Massive ammounts of MAC and Benefit vouchers please.

7. One Macbook Air, I know these wishes are entirely selfish.

8. A 70% discount for life card for the Metro Centre.

9. Unlimited train journeys for free anywhere I wish, so I can see the friends I miss so much.

10. 2 Holiday homes, one in Florida, and one in the Seychelles. I dont want oo much do I.

Any of these would do nicely please, Genie of the lamp ;)



  1. Your wish list is pretty identical to what mine would be if I made one! Lovely Post xx

  2. Love your blog :) New follower here. Can't wait to read your posts.