Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Haul: E.L.F

Postman Pat came with a little treat for me last week which I got rather excited about from E.L.F. Unfortunately I stumbled across a little problem when I ripped open my parcel in the form of this...

I bought the 100 piece eyeshadow palette in the sale for £7.50. When i took it out the box the lid didnt have any hinges at all, so it just came straight off. I contacted E.L.F and they were very nice about it, and although they can't replace it as its now out of stock, and I still wanted to have the product, they are sending me a partial refund. I'm quite happy though, 100 eyeshadows for £3.00 isnt too shabby! 

The products swatch pretty well, considering I done these dry the colour pay off is good.

I couldn't resist messing on with Paint for this haha, the numbers show where I got the swatches from, to show that the colours in pan usually pay off very similar to how they look, the ones I've tried do anyway. I really like this palette, I can see me using it when I want to experiment with colours, as its so much cheaper than buying individual brights that I will rarely use.

I also bought a pack of 5 eyeshadow applicators, just because they were cheap and I sometimes prefer them to brushes when I want to pack colour on. For a pack of five double ended applicators, which is really 10 applicators, I paid £1.50, which you really can't grumble at.

For a mere £3.50 I got the Hollywood Eyelashes kit. It may sound foolish but I didnt really buy this for the lashes, although they seem nice, but for the other gadgets that come with it. My problem with lashes always lies in the fiddly putting them on my actual eye part. My fingers get stuck to the lashes and to each other, and it jsut ends up a gluey mess. I have a feeling these days are over due to this fantastic but simple contraption.

Excuse the chipped nail! This is E.L.Fs eyelash applicator. Really all it does is hold on to the eyelash firmly so you can easily apply the glue properly, and then fit it right into place on your eye. Although Ive yet to try this out, it is easy to hold on to and I have a feeling its going to make false lashes so much more accessable to me than tweezers or my fingers ever have. I'll report back on how I get on when I try it out



  1. That palette is amazing! there's almost too many colours to choose from xx

  2. I need that eye lash applicator.. I am soo bad at falsies!!