Monday, 3 January 2011

Belated Christmas Gifts: Beauty

Right so I know Christmas was now nearly a few weeks ago, and everyone else posted their presents on Boxing Day and such, but Im far too lazy, and forgot to take photos. So I had a little time on my hands earlier on and decided to pull out everything, or nearly everything that I got from good old Santa. Im doing it in two parts, this is the beatuy related stuff and the others just random things. Really sorry about the picture quality I used my phone as my camera lead is still missing, and some of the photos came out a bit blurry. All of my gifts were either from my family or my boyfriend...

Some of the lovely things I was lucky enough to get at Christmas

Sex and the City Gift set, with the gold clutch, atomiser, compact mirror and the lipgloss. Suprisngly the lipgloss is gorgeous, its more clear than you would expect and it isnt sticky at all. He also got me the gold Sex and the City compact mirror as I had asked for it, its gorgeous. The mini OPI nail polishes were in he Burlesque Mini Tasters set and theyre gorgeous! Theres another reddish one but I cant find it. I was suprised to get the Barry M nail paints in Mushroom and Grey, Ive wanted these colours for a while but hadnt mentioned it, my Mam is a mind reader.

I was in need of a new foundation and my Nana gave me the money to go find one, I didnt want to take advantage so I didnt go highend, but the healthy mix one is beautiful anyway. Ive had my eye on the eyeko graffiti liner and the big eyes mascara for ages, and I picked them up and gave them to my Dad to put away for me. Also I got the Barry M crayon in this pretty pearly cream shade which Ive been using on my inner corner. I love the Carrie make-up palette as well, it contain four eyeshadows and a lip colour.

I got the Andrew Barton blondes giftset containing hair grips, a comb, a nourishing hair mask which Ive used, and shampoo and conditioner. I also got the Lush Christmas Star set containing six bath ballistics which are Lil Lush Pud, Cinders, Winter Bath, So White, Butterball, and Mrs Whippy. I also got the Christmas Allsorts set with three bath ballistics but Ive used them all up!

I recieved the two Soap and Glory gift sets you see above which are amazing. You can see what was in them on the pictures but if you would like any more detail on a particular item just leave a comment.

I asked for this off my auntie, the Babyliss curling wand. Ive yet to use it though, I may do a review or tutorial on it when I do.

I was so excited to get this! The box contains Coralista, Dandelion and what I believe to be Dallas. I was suprised to recieve anything from benefit as Ive never mentioned it to my family. Im suspecting my boyfriend has been acting as a spy for gift ideas. Its great for travelling and all of the powders go well with ym skintone, I just love it.

I picked these out with my Mam jsut before Christmas so I was excited knowing I had these to open on Christmas morning. Top to bottom - Plushglass in Big Baby, Lipsticks in Shy Girl and Bombshell. I also got an eyeshadow in Satin Taupe. Ive been using them constantly since I got them.

Thats it for my beauty post. I'll get on with my other one and get it up as soon as I can

Much Love


  1. i got the exact same curling wand! i've only tried it out once though and haven't worn the silly black glove with it lol (i won't be calling it silly when i burn my hand)

    my sister got the soap and glory box and to say i was jealous is an understatement! i have no idea why i didn't buy it when it went down to £25 in boots :( ah well, will have to wait until next year lol

    lovely blog! xx

  2. I swear you might have actually got EVERYTHING that I wanted haha. The Soap & Glory stuff is amazing! Especially the Flake Away Body Scrub, so perfect for these winter days!

    Thank you for sharing Honey-Bee!

    Love Britt xxx

  3. Soap and Glory overload - well jealous! x